About Us

About Us

Welcome to Labpur B.ED College

Labpur B.Ed college is one of the leading B.Ed College under university of burdwan . This was established on 2013 to enhance the educational infrastructure of the area. Since then this college has become the first preference of the students. Students from various part of West Bengal have completed their journey of Diploma of education in this college. The college is accredit by NCTE.

Our Vision

Education is essential for all-round development of a nation. It is very much like a pill to cure the ills of society. Spreads of education in various strata of society and to make education effective.Shaping the career of the students for better. We were the Top college 2014 in Birbhum.Emphasing all the skills of training.

Our Mission

We generally provide the education to the students with a unique and awaiting experience and help them to make the basis of the future citizens of the nation. The Labpur B.Ed College also provides the high quality education of training. The principal mission of the Institute is to provide quality Education, Advance methods of Training and meaningful research…

Our Objective

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